Bitter Orange Spritz

Bitter Orange, Sparkling Wine, Soda and a touch of simple syrup. Ah, the spritz cocktail, a bubbly classic that is endlessly versaille to suit your tastes. Compared to the traditional Aperol Spritz, this one is a touch less sweet with way more botanical flare. It's like a fancy, grown-up version of a screwdriver, but with a little bit of bitter bite.

Feel free to omit or adjust the simple sugar to your tastes. I like a touch of sweetness in this drink, but it's totally optional. One of the best things about the spritz is how versatile it is. Want it sweeter? adjust the simple. Want it fruitier? Throw in some fresh berries. The options are endless, you do you! 

So, grab a glass, pop open a bottle of prosecco, and let's the spritz' flow! Just remember to pace yourself - you don't want to end up singing Italian arias on the bar top. Unless that's your thing, in which case, spritz away!

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