Hello! We are Michela and Quinn Palmer. Back in 2015, we started a small soda company called Rootside Soda producing a line of soda syrups made with fresh and whole ingredients. After diving into the wonderful world of botanical research through Rootside, we developed a feverish love-affair with Vermouth and all things apéritif. There was no turning back. We just had to start making vermouth ourselves.

After spending the next 2.5 years deep-diving into botanicals, recipe development and mead making we launch our Rosso Vermouth in July 2019. The first 2 batches sold out within a day of their release. In 2020, our Rosso Vermouth won Gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards. In 2021, our Rosso Vermouth, Dry Vermouth and Kina-Rouge all took home the coveted Double-Gold Award. In 2023 we won World's Best Dry Vermouth and our Rosso won World's Best Semi-Sweet Vermouth at the World Vermouth Awards. Expect to see lots more weird and wonderful delights in 2023 and beyond.

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- Photo by Kate Tutty -