Darkside vs. Lightside, you decide.

Gin, Kina and New Orleans Bitters. Two variations of the same cocktail, pitting our two Kinas against each other in a battle for the stars. The original recipe, Darkside, was created by Adam Bernbach at Bar Pilar in Washington D.C. which called for Barolo Chinato. A Chinato style apéritif wine is essentially the Italian version of the French Quinquina or Kina; a wine bittered by quinine. Thus our two Kina styles, Salal and Blanc, are a perfect substitute for the iconic Barolo brand. For our version of the Darkside we use our Kina-Salal, and to lighten things up, for the Lightside cocktail, we use Kina-Blanc. Enjoy! Perhaps this can become the official Star Wars cocktail of May the 4th?! ;)

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