In Time - a chocolate and Bitter Orange love affair

This one began with a new Bitter Orange Aperitif gifted to me from Esquimalt, Huge Thank you! After my first little sip of it I immediately thought this one is going to be cool to play with. I did want to go Whisky base for this but then I saw the Breakfast Gin and thought the Tea and Bergamot base would go quite nicely with Orange and Chocolate. I added a little touch of Smoked Vodka to add some texture to the taste instead of mouth feel? I don’t think that's a thing but it’s the best I can describe for what it does to the drink. The Chocolate cookie garnish works well if you have a bite of it first as the chocolate coats your mouth, then go in for a sip and you will 100% think your drinking a Chocolate orange, except it's better because there’s a bit more of a creamy note that follows.

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