Man O' War Cocktail

Bourbon, Orange Liqueur, Rosso Vermouth, Lemon Juice. This bourbon-based cocktail is thought to be named after one of the world’s greatest race horses who ruled the tracks just after WWI. The provenance of the cocktail is unclear, though it’s thought to have been created in the mid-20th century.

I’ve used Stillhead’s B-Word “bourbon-style” whisky. US and Canadian law require products labeled as “bourbon” to be made in the United States, hence the clever moniker “B-Word.” Made of 63% corn and aged in new oak barrels for 3 years, this spirit is first-rate with flavours of ginger, toasted marshmallow and vanilla with a sensuous velvety finish.

The Legend Distilling Manitou Orange & Sumac Liqueur is a favourite: its bright orange flavour is deepened by the addition of tart sumac berries. Brilliant!

Esquimalt's Vermouth Rosso is my default sweet vermouth. I love this stuff! It’s rich with notes of plum, orange, caramel and spices — complex yet super well balanced.

BC has so many exceptional spirits on offer — check them out and support the local industry!

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