Mushroom Sazerac?!

Mushroom Single Malt Whisky, Absinthe, New Orleans Red and Roasted Dandelion Bitters. This is a super fun slightly savoury rendition of the classic Sazerac, but highlighting a special whisky released by Odd Society Distillery in Vancouver, their Wild Thing Whisky which was made with Porcini and Candy Cap Mushrooms. I had the chance to try this at an event thinking it would probably just be a bit gimmicky and not very good, but it blew me away to the point where I had to buy a bottle! It's slightly savoury and woodsy but also caramel and pecans. An awesome whisky needs an awesome drink! So here's the Mushroom Sazerac with a bit more amped up savory notes using our Roasted Dandelion Bitters. 

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