The Ultimate Sazerac

Brandy, Rye, Bourbon, Absinthe, New Orleans Red and Aromatich-ish Bitters. A traditional Sazerac is served up (no ice) in a rocks glass. But the problem here is it gets warm very quickly. So to combat this, I started using frozen glassware. But later decided to take it a step further and just stick the whole drink in the freezer for an hour to get it extra extra cold and it resulted in what I think is the perfect sazerac. Really, the colder the sazerac the better. This recipe can be scaled by the drink or by the bottle! Then you can have extremely chilled sazeracs at any time with zero on-the-fly work. The extra chill also gives it a lovely velvety viscosity.

If you don’t have both rye and bourbon, feel free to combine the two listed and just use all rye or all bourbon. If your whisky is cask-strength (higher than 48%), you might want to increase the water dilution to 3/4 oz or even 1 oz. This recipe also slightly differs from a traditional variation in that I don’t bother with an Absinthe rinse and just add 1/8 oz Absinthe straight to the glass cause I like it a little more anise forward.

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