Welcome to Vancouver - A Berry Delicious Cocktail Recipe

White Grain Spirit, Kina-Salal, Krupnik and Honey Syrup. From Gabriel Morin of Pallet Coffee - "I arrived in Vancouver 2 years ago, in August 2018, and before I had even got off Via Rail's famed transcontinental train no.1, the first thing that caught my eyes was... the blackberries. Everywhere. For an avid forager like me, it was a revelation. Each summer I see them return with delight... and of course they find their way into my cocktails! Now that the season is over, here is my favourite creation, a mix of Mad Lab Distillery Mad Dog Single Malt White Spirit, Esquimalt Wine Co. Kina-Rouge and Wayward Distillery Krupnik Honey Liqueur that unapologetically makes no efforts to tame the wilderness of the berries..."

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