The Jolly Boulevard

Whisky, Campari and infused Bianco Vermouth. A lovely friend of mine Melissa of Victoria Whisky Tastings kindly asked if I could contribute a cocktail to her Advent Cocktail Month, paired with a dram of - you guessed it whisky. Seemed fate to receive my favorite style - Bourbon. A fruity and lively Basil HaydenBourbon. Thanks so much for the opportunity Melissa!

My favorite winter cocktail, blended with my favorite part of Christmas dinner was the inspiration - cranberry sauce! Controversial, I know... but you haven't had my recipe… Infused with my favorite holiday spices, citrus and using a bourbon and liqueur - it’s always half eaten long before the turkey is served. This time, I used Bianco Vermouth infused with those same vibes to lighten up my usual Boulevardier - a sip of holiday magic! This bourbon plays nicely with a lighter hand so I really enjoy the Bianco versus a Rosso vermouth.

PS... a glass with 1/2oz of my Christmas Bianco topped with Prosecco and an orange twist Christmas morning is not a bad idea either. Just saying.

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