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ESQUIMALT - Vermouth & Apéritifs

Bianco Sweet Vermouth

Bianco Sweet Vermouth

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18% Alc./Vol.

Lemon peel, vanilla and garden herbs spring to life in this delightful apéritif, aromatized by our continuously aged botanical Solera. Sought after and adored by curious seagulls across Vancouver Island for its charming herbaceous and bitter qualities. Best enjoyed on ice with a lemon twist or olive and perhaps topped with sparkling water. 

Bianco Vermouths are often used to substitute a Rosso Vermouth where a lighter cocktail variation is desired. While this vermouth is made in the Sweet style with hints of our Rosso Vermouth, it had a vibrancy all it's own and works wonders in highballs, or just poured straight over ice. It is not overly sweet by any means, it's sweetness is balanced with it's herbaceous bitterness and brightened up with lemon peels. One of our favorite cocktails is a White Negroni using equal parts Chiaro Amaro from Woods Distillery, Ampersand Gin and our Bianco Vermouth.

As always, all of our products are made from mead, using 100% British Columbian blueberry-blossom honey.

Winery License #308286

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