Rootside Bitters

Cocktail bitters from whole botanicals for delightful flavour. Made on Vancouver Island. Our Bitters are concentrated botanical flavourings that can be added to cocktails or sparkling water.

Our business began as Rootside Provisions in 2015 selling ginger beer concentrate to bars and restaurants in British Columbia. It naturally grew into producing other soda syrups (Tonic Water, Root Beer, Lemonade) for grocery stores and farmer's markets. As our botanical knowledge developed we began making cocktail bitters and launched the Esquimalt Vermouth & Apéritifs brand. Since then, our focus has shifted to the ever growing Esquimalt products and our Rootside Cocktail Bitters. The soda syrup recipes where passed on to the wonderful Salt Spring Kitchen Co. who will continue producing the fan favorite recipes under their own brand.

Check out our line of Cocktail Bitters below and thank you for all your continued support!