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Aromatic Bitters Trio

Aromatic Bitters Trio

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The traditional category of Aromatic Bitters, with historic brands like Angostura and Peychaud's, have dominated the world of classic cocktails for more than a century. From the Manhattan, to Sazerac, to Bamboo cocktails, these Aromatic styles have defined the modern Bitters movement. Our Aromatic-ish Bitters and New Orleans Red Bitters are our take on these legendary bitters for use in classic and modern cocktails alike. Together with our West Coast Aromatic, Cascadian, we have created the Aromatic Trio. A set of bitters that cocktail lovers will be able to utilize to craft an incredible variety of drinks while still staying true to cocktailing traditions.

By purchasing all three bitters as a set, you'll save 15% off the normal retail value. 

Both the New Orleans Red and Cascadian are in 100 mL bottles while the Aromatic-ish is available in 148 mL bottles.
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