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Dry Vermouth

Dry Vermouth

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WORLD'S BEST DRY VERMOUTH / 2023 World Vermouth Awards
DOUBLE-GOLD MEDAL / 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

We wanted to create a Dry Vermouth that was perfectly tailored to the best Martini of your life and just darn good on its own over ice.

We're really proud of how this one turned out. Enjoy in a classic 2:1 Martini or perhaps on ice, split 50/50 with tonic water for a lovely light cocktail. We also find ourselves frequently using our Dry Vermouth in cooking instead of white wine. It provides a lovely touch of herbaceousness with a bit of acidity without going over the top.

TASTING NOTES Honeysuckle, apples and pears, with a little funk that transforms into rich peach, chamomile and elderflower. The World Vermouth Awards said it tasted like "Grassy sauvignon blanc notes on a big aromatic and herbaceous nose. This reflects on the palate with a lovely long rich fruity finish."

Our Dry Vermouth follows the French tradition. The ‘off-dry’ profile is critical in balancing out both the additional bitterness from the wormwood and in spirit forward cocktails like a Martini.

Our favourite way to drink this is in the summer is a Vermouth & Tonic with Rootside’s Classic Dry Tonic Mix; it’s the unexpected new usual for us at home!

Dry Vermouth originated in France and is typically clear to a light straw colour, contains fewer botanicals than the Rosso variety, yet has a higher wormwood content and is thus, more bitter. Oddly enough, Dry Vermouth is also typically ‘off-dry’ and contains 3g/100 mL sugar. The term ‘dry’ simply refers to it being dryer than a sweet vermouth. ‘Extra-dry’ is the term applied to Vermouths, typically only made for the N. American market, and are entirely devoid of sugar.

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Produced and bottled by Rootside Provisions Ltd.

Winery License #308286

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