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Rosehip Lemonade Mix

Rosehip Lemonade Mix

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A pink lemonade coloured naturally with hibiscus flowers and flavoured with whole rosehips. It's everything you wished lemonade could be. Fantastically delicious with both still or sparkling water and even makes a beautiful rosehip lemon tea when used with hot water! Pro tip: try it in a French 75 cocktail!

250 mL - Makes 8-10 drinks, just add sparkling water!

Mix: 2 Tbsp. (30 mL) Rosehip Lemonade Mix with still, sparkling, or hot water to taste. Made with organic lemons, Bulgarian rosehips, and hibiscus flowers. Great for making cocktail sours or with a splash of local BC gin!

Ingredients: water, cane sugar, lemon juice, rosehips, malic acid, gum arabic, sea salt, hibiscus flowers, potassium sorbate 

Allergen Warning: May contain traces of peanuts - it is common practice that Hibiscus flowers are intercropped with peanut plants in the field, so there is a small chance some peanut plant matter may be with the hibiscus flowers we steep in our lemonade.

Shelf-life: Unopened, it will last 1 year - once open, keep refrigerated and it’ll last for at least 12 weeks, if not longer

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