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Vino Miele Limoncello

Vino Miele Limoncello

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Lemon and honey is a flavour combination that transcends the ages. It’s truly magical. As mead makers and digestif fanatics, combining traditional limoncello techniques and mead was an inevitability. We only make this recipe at home for friends and family, but over the years it’s become such a staple drink in our house that we figured it was time we made a big batch to share the magic. We hope it becomes as much a staple for you as it has for us. 

Traditionally, limoncello is made by steeping lemon peels in high-proof alcohol and then adding water and sugar. We followed the same lemon extraction techniques, but instead of using water, we blended the high-proof lemon peels with our own mead, made from BC blueberry-blossom honey, taking our limoncello to that luxurious next level.  Enjoy over ice, whenever the mood strikes.

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